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Justin Spenceley


I understand how difficult making that first contact with a counsellor can be when something feels wrong.  Making the decision to help yourself can be hard enough.  We all find ways of coping but sometimes those coping strategies are not adequate anymore.

I am an eclectic counsellor who brings in different styles and approaches. I am qualified in Person-centred counselling which is an explorative style of counselling but at times during our work together I may bring in other elements from other styles in order to support your understanding and progression. My style of working can involve bringing in other elements of different therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Transactional Analysis. 

Together we will explore some of the things that brings you into therapy and help you gain a better understanding of any impacts in your life that you had to deal with and how better to manage these.  Don't worry if you think "how do I know what to say or what to do". This is very normal when entering into therapy. With my help we will explore your experiences, emotions, feelings and behaviours in a supportive and safe setting which can bring great understanding and a sense of reassurance.


I believe that beneficial therapy can only be achieved if the relationship between client and therapist feels safe, open and genuine.  The practice of confidentiality is there for this reason.  It is also important that you feel accepted and not judged. 


I also trained with a charity that supported people who had experienced sexual abuse and this gave me a real appreciation of people who wanted to face their fears and work through their difficulties.  I have also worked with many clients in my private practice.  The list below gives a few examples of some of the issues I have worked with:


Lack of parental care/support in the early years



Low self-esteem/Lack of confidence

Mental health issues

Intrusive thoughts


Feeling overwhelmed

Sexual abuse

I hope this has helped you gain an understanding of the way I work.

Please get in touch if you feel ready or if you have any questions and please have a look at the OTHER SUPPORT tab at the top of the website.

My number is 07738124475


The Counselling Room

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